Chicago ranked among the 5 most expensive places to park in the United States


Being a tourist is fun and games until you have to wait in traffic for hours and can’t find a place to park. This is particularly prevalent in the windy town where parking can be a bit of an added expense.

According to, Chicago is one of the most expensive places to park in America. Closely following New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC, find parking in Chicago can be almost as difficult as paying to park. recommends anyone looking to park in the city do some research before ending up in a dodgy location with the possibility of being fined.

Here is what said about park in chicago:

Parking rates in Chicago hover around $35 for all-day parking in garages and lots. Hourly parking at these off-street facilities also charges a median rate of $19. With off-street parking rates at this level, you might resort to street parking. But it’s when you’re lucky and find a spot near your destination that the stress sets in – one wrong move and you’ll pay hefty parking fines. Most metered spots come with a maximum limit of at least two hours. And then there are the seasonal restrictions – illegal parking in tow zones or snowy roads will lighten your wallet by at least $60. Don’t forget $150 towing + $25 storage fees. Meter rates in Chicago have also increased over the past two years. Parking in downtown Loop will cost you the most at $7/hour. Meters in the Central Business District also charge close to $5, while in other parts of the city the price of street parking is uniformly around $2.50.

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