Camelback Mountain Ski Resort Prepares for a Busy Holiday Weekend


Five more ski slopes and sliding slopes will be opened and an additional ski lift will also operate to help people get to the top of the mountain faster.

MOUNT POCONO, Pa. — Skiers and snowboarders at Camelback Mountain Resort in Pocono Township near Tannersville are sliding into the holiday weekend, and Ashley Krauss and her family are among them.

“We’re so excited. We let the kids miss a day of school today and decided to go out a day early,” said Ashley Krauss of Allendale, New Jersey.

Station officials are predicting a very busy weekend.

“We’re looking at a few thousand people on the mountain. We have a lot of our season pass holders who we know will be out this weekend. The hotel is basically full. So we have a lot of our guests who are going come here,” said Nicolette Nordmark of Camelback Resort.

In preparation for more people, five more ski slopes and sliding slopes will be open. An additional ski lift will also work to help people get to the top of the mountain faster.

The Krauss family of Allendale, New Jersey plans to hit the slopes all holiday weekend.

“We heard we were going to have snow Sunday night, so hopefully we won’t get stuck here, but hopefully get stuck here on Monday instead of heading home,” Krauss said. “We really plan to ski all weekend.

At 2 p.m. on the slopes, the temperature was not bad, but this weekend, the temperatures will drop, and the skiers say they are ready.

“Being able to take breaks here and there. Luckily we have a place right on the mountain so we can drop by at lunchtime, so I think that really helps. But definitely nappies. Luckily for the kids, they always seem to be warm, so it doesn’t seem like a big deal. It’s me who’s cold,” Krauss said.

“As snow guns, we like it because we can make sure we have the best conditions,” Nordmark said. “We can blow a lot of snow with these new guns, but for our guests, that means making sure you drive safely on your way here. Drive a little slower. Be sure to watch out for patches of ice. Make sure you layer up too because a cold day in the mountains isn’t as much fun.”

If you’re brave enough to get out on the mountain this weekend, tickets are limited. Click here.

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