California winter storm | How you can prepare


Sacramento experts offer advice on how to prevent residential flooding and how residents should prepare for weather changes at higher elevations.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — As the season begins to change, crews in Sacramento are keeping busy and deploying a tractor called “The Claw.”

The claw makes its way around the city picking up piles of leaves in residential areas before the next winter storm is expected to hit the area.

“We want to remind people to put their leaves first in the containers they have and those will be collected weekly no matter what,” said Jesa David of the city’s recycling and solid waste division. . “Anything you can’t put in your container is what’s piled up on the street and the Claw will pick it up for you.”

Pesky leaves piled outside yard waste containers can create problems when rain and wind move in on Saturday. Some areas have flooded in previous years due to leaves and debris clogging storm drains.

“Whenever you do your leaf pile, try to keep it as clean as possible. 4 by 4 by 9 feet and keep it out of bike paths, away from storm drains,” David said. “This will help prevent these flooding issues and also help our collection teams get through faster.”

For those traveling to higher elevations over the next few days, remember to prepare vehicles for snow.

Sara Savio of Sacramento Specialty Automotive says first and foremost that drivers should check to see if their battery is in good working order.

“Make sure all your lights are working – exterior lights and your headlights aren’t really foggy. Having a safety kit where you have flares, you have jumper cables, you have water, you have you got food, you have blankets in case you get stuck and defroster,” Savio said.

She also advises drivers to check their wiper blades before hitting the road.

“Here in the Sacramento area, we have really hot heat, so replacing the wiper blades every year is something,” Savio said. “Also make sure your windshield washers are working, so press the wand to make sure washer fluid is squirting out of both nozzles.”

With snow expected in high elevations on Election Day, the El Dorado County Elections Office says it is ready and has generators on standby at its polling centers and is even considering hiring an escort to bring down ballots from the Tahoe area.

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