Black Canyon Ranch: a cabin vibe in the Rocky Mountains


The ambiance of the main house: a country cabin, but five times the size.

The calendar has moved to December and the days are getting colder. Well, some days anyway. They are certainly getting shorter and shorter. Winter is coming, and with it, the handful of chances that eastern San Diego County has every year for a dusting of snow. Let’s go up to the Laguna mountains, okay?

Navigate east on 78 past Ramona and through the small town of Santa Ysabel. Normally, you would dive south here to reach the tourist hotspot of Julian Mountain, with its weekend traffic backed up for miles to enter the city center filled with bakeries, cafes and kitschy-style shops. ancient celebrating days gone by. Instead, we’ll head north, pushing into the backcountry until we reach Black Canyon Ranch at 25335 Mesa Grande Road.

Described in his Listed as “over 560 sprawling acres surrounded by majestic Montana-like scenery”, it is “a real working ranch with cattle, gardens, greenhouse, workshop and barn.” There are also four “magnificent dwellings”, three wells, four ponds, an aircraft hangar and much more in the massive expanse of land.

The 500 square foot master bedroom, equipped with a pot-bellied stove and workspace with a view.

Overall, there is almost 15,000 square feet of upgraded living space on the ranch, but we’re here for the luxury, so let’s start with the 7,500 square foot primary residence, with its five bedrooms and six bathrooms. bath. The first photo on the list shows us a roaring fire in the gigantic stone fireplace in the living room, as well as a wall of windows overlooking a dying sunset. The rough-cut exposed roof trusses are a nice touch and add to the ambience of the already very present Rocky Mountain cabin. The next look we get is the towering double-door front door, again with exposed trusses – but this time they sport a yellow underglove, the kind you might expect to see shine. under a teenager’s modified car. I’ll leave it to the readers to decide if it’s charming or cheesy.

A few more mood photos confirm that we have a nice view of Lake Henshaw from our perch at the top of the hill, and then we’re back inside. To establish how big the living room is, we get additional photos showing that in addition to the double fireplace with the giant sectional sofa, there is still room for a conversation in one corner, a grand piano in one. another and a fully stocked four seater bar in a third. In addition to a formal dining area featuring an exterior stone wall and wide-beam plank flooring (plus one of the many mounted deer busts), the kitchen includes ample space for another dining set. full-size dining, surrounded by a double farmhouse sink, commercial grade stove and refrigerator, and more fancy masonry. It’s worth noting that there are no top cabinets in most kitchens, but the size of the space means your pots and pans will likely fit well under the counter anyway.

The master bedroom has a pot-bellied stove in one corner, as well as plenty of room in its 500 square feet of living space for a sitting area at the foot of the bed and a desk space in a corner overlooking the canyons below. The bathroom features double vanities set against opposing walls and a freestanding copper tub in its own niche, accented by a chandelier and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Honestly, these rooms are starting to mix. They are all spacious and continue to create a “country cabin, but five times the size” atmosphere. Let’s move on, because we need to talk about the office. Rich, deep wood covers this room, from the coffered ceilings to the built-in shelves and cabinets to the central office which must weigh over a thousand pounds and should probably stay behind as it fits the room and would be very difficult to move. The bronze eagle holding a pair of arrows (like the Great Seal of our country representing war and peace, but without the olive branches of peace) indicates that this is a serious piece to carry a serious business war (or war business). I have the impression that major treaties or contracts should be negotiated in this room, maybe over a glass or three of a good cognac.

Continuing on, we leave the main house through an open playroom with a pool table and a corner transformed into a home theater, with a loft above containing several bunk beds.

From there we seem to move on to another residence, with a very convincing wood-lined or wood-look tile tub – for longevity sake hopefully it’s the latter. Elaborate Victorian wallpapers appear to be the theme of this home, as we see them in a pair of bedrooms and another bathroom.

From there, the photos get confusing. The listing tells us that in addition to the main house, there is an independent studio, a one-bedroom “manager’s house”, a 2,900 square foot two-bed, two-bath “club house”, a 1800 square foot one bedroom “Guest House” and 480 square foot 1.5 bath “Other”. They all look very pretty and the outdoor kitchen / patio even includes what appears to be a wood-fired pizza oven. Other plans include a private tennis court, which appears to be an independent wine tasting barn, and a hangar that can hold four planes or three helicopters next to the private airstrip.

All of this, and we haven’t even touched on the “working ranch” aspects of Black Canyon Ranch. Surely there’s a herd of cattle around here somewhere, and with the three wells there must be some farming going on as well. But 560 acres is a lot. Let’s come back when the snows come and look for a nice hill to go sledding.

Public records show the ranch is owned by the Taylor family, who bought it for $ 2.1 million in 2013, ahead of the actual construction date of the current estate in 2017. The Taylors are also said to have bought and renovated a historic property in rural San Diego.. Black Canyon Ranch went on sale in early November. Its asking price of $ 10,950,000 remains unchanged to this day.

  • 25335 Mesa Grande | Santa Ysabel, 92070
  • Current owner: The Taylor Family | Registration price: $ 10,950,000 | Beds: 12 | Thermal baths: 17 | House size: 7,500 (main house), 15,000 (total)

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