Beech Mountain Toboggan Hill, Park Offers New Recreational Option | Avery


BEECH MOUNTAIN – One of the newest additions to the town of Beech Mountain was the toboggan hill at its new location. The improved hill and park site has seen an increase in traffic since its inception.

Beech Mountain Town Manager Robert Pudney explained that the town originally added a new location for a toboggan hill due to increased overall visitor numbers and the need for social distancing at the height of Covid. Overflow Toboggan Hill is now Beech Mountain’s official toboggan hill.

“We saw great activity on the toboggan run. The natural snow draws a lot of visitors,” Pudney said.

The hill ended up being a better and more usable location for the city. Thus, the old location on the hill opposite the town hall is being converted into a park location and site of the city’s Christmas tree. The original area already has a few planted maple trees and will be more of an open area for the summer.

The new public toboggan hill is highlighted by a pair of mobile snow cannons, a viewing area and a higher degree of safety. Pudney noted that the snow cannons use well water instead of drinking water, adding another element of efficiency to the town’s attraction.

The toboggan hill now also has a designated paid parking area that uses a mobile app instead of traditional meters.

“We were inundated with visitors and the roads were overcrowded. It was obvious we needed municipal parking,” Pudney added.

The parking lot, designed for city guests, has raised significant funds for the city. “It exceeded our projections for the winter months,” Pudney said.

The current overall design of the area around the hill will include the upgraded hill itself, municipal parking, a playground, a dog park and a washroom which is expected to be completed by the end of the season.

From a financial perspective, Beech Mountain was able to fund the project exclusively with grants and the ADT, as no taxpayer dollars were used for the area.


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