Beautiful sun halo on a mountain in Sweden. The video will leave you amazed | Tendency


We can all agree that nature is one of the most amazing things that can surprise us in various ways. The beauty of our environment is such that you can contemplate it all day without getting tired of it. Recently, social media explodes with a superb video of a solar halo passing over a snow-capped mountain in Sweden. User @TheFigen_ posted the video on Twitter a few days ago. The stunning images were actually shot in 2017 in the Swedish ski resort of Vemdalen by a photographer.

The stunning video captured two dazzling light-filled circles hovering in the sky in front of skiers atop the mountain. Each circle had strong areas of light at the top, bottom, left, and right. One of the circles was inside the other. As the Twitter user shared the short clip, they also wrote, “A very rare solar halo appears over a mountain in Sweden.”

Take a look at the solar halo here:

Since this video was shared, it has received 1.6 million views and 73,000 likes, and several comments. One person in the Twitter comments wrote, “Absolutely gorgeous.” Another person said, “Gorgeous and breathtaking.” “Wow, that must have been awesome being there.”


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