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Q: Why do we have places (cities) that can take care of their roads while others can’t? -Alesha

A: The money… OK, next question.

It’s like watching X files (not an ad to watch). The truth is out there somewhere.

I can only give you theoretical answers here, as I am currently not and have never been on a street crew.

I would say money was the main factor. I will also remind you that nothing here is a fact and is only an opinion from years of observation.

Some cities have very tight budgets as well as very little street maintenance equipment (snowplows etc.) which makes it very difficult to maintain the roads to a very high standard. There are funds that are distributed by the state to cities, but this money is usually not enough to fix more than a road or two. Often this money is used to repair roads so that more roads can be maintained.

People also read…

There are grants for cities, but these grants are usually for special projects or one-time projects.

This money cannot be used for general road maintenance as it must be used specifically for this project.

The other benefit of federal money comes with federal guidelines (feel free to add and comment whatever you want here) that make sure hoops have to be jumped through for the money to be granted for use.

I can also tell you that some cities budget for road maintenance quite well, which makes it easier for those cities to maintain all the roads, especially during the snow storms that sometimes cover us.

Some cities make every effort to clear the main traffic routes first.

I know it might not make sense if no one can access those main roads, but I guess there are reasons for that. I don’t have an answer for this one though.

Finally, if you have any roads you are concerned about, be sure to put yourself on the agenda of a council or roads board meeting and voice that concern.

Make sure you have information to back it up as you say you think it just needs fixing probably won’t be a good argument for fixing the problem.

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