Are you warned of storms? Test your knowledge with Science and Weather Together | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV


KANSAS CITY, MO – Bayer Presents FOX4’s Science and Weather Together! This is an interactive and entertaining rod course on all weather conditions, from snow to tornadoes and everything in between.

The guided course is perfect for educators and home teachers who want to delve deeper into meteorological topics. Or if you’re a weather fan, take the quizzes and test your knowledge!

There are 20 lessons in total with study guides and links to more printable materials on each topic. Plus, after each video lesson, you can immediately see how much you’ve learned by taking the interactive quiz. You can trust Kansas City’s most accurate team to teach the important lessons every student needs to know, along with real-life experiences and examples.

Science and weather together Lessons

  • Weather vs climate
  • The atmosphere and the weather machine
  • Why study the weather?
  • Air and wind
  • Seasons
  • Clouds
  • unique clouds
  • Precipitation
  • Storms
  • Tornadoes
  • storm chasers
  • Radar
  • tropical weather
  • oceans
  • Winter weather and blizzards
  • Aviation Weather
  • Meteorological technology
  • Solar and space weather
  • NWS weather balloon launch
  • Weather on TV


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