Another valley rainy day and mountain snow for much of Utah on Christmas Eve


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Good Friday Utah! At the end of the work week we expect to see wetter weather with rain in the valley and snow in the mountains. Some of us on the Wasatch front will see a bit of snow in the morning, but it will turn back to rain as the day progresses with the southerly flow helping us warm up during the day. In the mountains, we will still see a good amount of snow. In the northern mountains we always expect to see at least a solid foot of extra snow including the Cottonwoods so the powder dogs are set for some great runs this weekend.

In the central and southern mountains, we would expect about an additional 6-10 inches to fall over the course of the day, which won’t be a mockery of all that is said and done. For most lower valley locations, buildup will be minimal even if snow levels drop when our humidity valve begins to close. Fortunately, this means that the roads should not be so impacted for last minute purchases that need to be made or for trips to neighboring areas.

Areas of the Wasatch Back will wake up to a very different scene as snow continues to fall and even pile up. Snowy roads and windy conditions can sometimes result in blowing snow and reduce visibility. It is best to avoid travel in the morning when the snow is still the heaviest. In the lower elevations of central and southern Utah, we can expect heavy morning rain, particularly along the border with Arizona. Don’t be surprised if you hear some thunderous rumbles, as this system can also cause thunderstorms. Nothing serious is expected next to heavy snowfall in the mountains. Temperatures for the day will remain around the 40’s and 50’s despite all the cloud cover.

In short, a very rainy start to the weekend is coming.

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