An impending storm could bring extreme weather, snowstorm and blizzard to the United States next week


An impending storm with multi-faceted natural hazards could bring severe weather, a blizzard and snowstorm, to the northern United States and central United States for five days next week, according to weather forecasts. Thursday, April 7.

Incoming storm system

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AccuWeather meteorologists released a weather forecast on Thursday, indicating that the multi-hazard storm system will move from the Rockies to the Great Plains next week.

It comes after a storm system shattered that brought thunderstorms to the central and southern United States.

The incoming storm system will occur in connection with the collision of cold air in the western United States and moist air in the eastern United States, according to AccuWeather meteorologist Brandon Buckingham, as quoted by AccuWeather. .

The latest storm forecast suggests the storm could last for five days, bringing extreme weather conditions including heavy rain, flooding, damaging winds and thunderstorms.

The storm system can also bring a snowstorm which can bring blizzard conditions such as freezing temperatures.

Parts of the northern United States and central United States may be buried under feet of snow.

Meanwhile, the severe weather outbreak will spread from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes and surrounding areas.

The snowstorm will likely intensify as the storm develops and approaches over the next few days.

The powerful circulation of the will would cause destructive winds that could affect the Great Lakes, the Mississippi Valley and the plains.

Other areas are also subject to gusty winds as the storm moves east from the west coast.

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Severe weather and thunderstorms

Tornadoes are the biggest natural hazards of potential thunderstorms in the warmer side of the system in the southeastern United States next week.

The highlighted weather forecast could occur from Monday to Friday, April 11 to April 15.

Hotspots for twisters are possible in and around Florida. Additionally, severe thunderstorms are likely in the Great Lakes Tuesday through Thursday, April 12 through April 14.

Bad weather and potential thunderstorms on the Gulf Coast recently caused widespread damage in Texas, Louisiana and Missouri, killing a total of three people.

In March, at least 210 confirmed tornadoes occurred in the United States, particularly in southern states, according to The Washington Post.

Displacement and disruption of infrastructure

Buckingham added that there will be several incidents of disruptions to travel and shipping operations due to power outages caused by torrential rain, according to AccuWeather.

Before and during the storm, domestic and international flights across the United States could be affected.

Disruptions can include flight delays, diversions or cancellations as a combination of extreme weather and snowstorm pose dangerous travel conditions.

The storm may also bring icy conditions along roads, disrupting vehicular traffic, rail services and other public transportation.

Since the 21st century, power outages in the United States due to weather have increased by 100%; ranging from an average of 50 annual outages nationwide since the early 2000s to more than 100 on average annually over the past five years, according to an Associated Press analysis of government data, cited by The Guardian.

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