Accurate weather: snow in the mountains overnight, mild pattern until midweek


A few light snow showers are expected to hit the mountains this evening and perhaps some rain in the western VNR before turning to snow. Precipitation will be light and will not exceed the foothills for the most part.

During the day Tuesday, expect to see temperatures rise above normal for the first time in a long time as the mercury hits 50 degrees in the thermometer east of the mountains. This mild pattern won’t last long as temperatures drop rapidly Tuesday evening under clear skies and Wednesday highs will be in the 20s in the west and 30s in the east.

The dry air will return so make sure you have moisturizer handy the rest of the week. Wednesday evening will see chilly temperatures again with teens and single digits and highs will not hit the 20s and 30s again until Thursday.

Friday will become mostly cloudy and there is a good chance that snow will accumulate over the region. Timing is still an issue this far, but another overnight snow event is possible Friday through Saturday morning. Most of the snow will be in the east and will more than likely be another storm for the Coastal Plain.

Plenty of time until then, so we’ll continue to watch the predicted track, because a change to the east or west will change everything.

Be careful
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist

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