A new office building closes 2021 for the city of Ste. Anne


The mayor of the town of Ste. Anne is satisfied with the new office building. It is located at 14, avenue Centrale.

Mayor Richard Pelletier says this was a major move that will adapt to growth.

“We really focused on building a building that will really be there for so many years,” he says.The new outdoor skating rink in Ste. Anne replaces the old one that had existed for decades.

Pelletier says it was important for the building to be aesthetically appealing and he believes they achieved the look they were looking for.

“We want to have character and an antique look with wood, etc.,” he says. “So we’ve sat down a few times to come up with a good plan and I think it’s a success.”

In recent years, the municipal office has been located in a linear mall space near the west end of Ste. Anne.

Pelletier said the space was not big enough.

“I had to give up my job when I became mayor, because there was not enough room for the people we have to manage the city,” he explains. “The new building is double the size.

He expects this new office building to be able to accommodate the growth over the next ten or two years.

There is a change of management at the Town of Ste. Anne.

Deputy Mayor …

Pelletier says another highlight of 2021 is the new fire chief.

Bob Saindon worked in the fire department for several years before becoming a chief.

His background as a firefighter and his ability to deal with people make him a good fit for the job, Pelletier says.

Another important project was the construction of a new outdoor skating rink. Pelletier says it’s important to provide opportunities for young people to be active, especially during the pandemic when indoor activities aren’t always possible.

The Town of Ste Anne receives assistance to pay for a new outdoor rink.

Initially, the …


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