A little snow in the mountains tonight with cold air rushing in on Monday



Tonight we will see some flurries trying to develop along the high elevations of Pocahontas and Greenbrier counties. Fast system runs through night Snow totals will be very limited at higher peaks with some snow flurries further up in the mountains. Expect the winds to pick up tonight as the system passes. More cold air is moving around bringing temperatures into the 1920s.

On Monday our weak low receded quickly leaving a few persistent flurries upstream in western Greenbrier and Pocahontas. The rest of us should start to clear and see some sun, but we will stay cool enough in the 30s for the peaks.

Tuesday promises to be clear and calm. The sun will melt any leftover morning ice and any snow if it survives Monday. Highs will hit low in the mid-1940s, an improvement from the day before at least.

Wednesday, we continue to warm up. The highs in the 40s and lows that stay at or above the freezing point will provide some relief from the frosty mornings we’ve been dealing with all week. The sun will also be there all day. A few drops possible during the night.

Thursday we continue our warming trend and finish near average as we continue into December. Overall we look dry and sunny a weak cold front should pass which will bring some clouds but other than that it will have little impact. Highs in the upper 40s and low 50s with some possible southwesterly gusts.

Friday seems to bring a chance of rain showers to both Virgins, with temperatures in the mid-1950s.

Saturday will be a mix of clouds and sunshine as we wait for the next rainmaker to settle in the area for our Sunday. The highs cool down a bit in the mid to high 40s.

In the extended forecast, there is still a chance that the weather will be unstable. Usually looking like rain showers at the moment as we seem to stay pretty mild during this time. We’ll update this as the pieces come together!

As a reminder, the Fall Burn Ban is in effect until December 31 for West Virginia. Take the time to remember the rules and be sure to use common sense this fall.

Partly cloudy beginning, late flurries. The lows in the lows in the mid-1920s.
AM Mtn Showers, PM compensation. Peaks only in the 1930s.
Quite sunny. Highs in the 1940s.
Dry air. Highs in the 1940s.
Mostly sunny and windy. Highs in the 40s above to 50s below.
Usually clear. Highs between the low and the mid-1950s.
A little rain is possible. Peaks in the 1950s.
Rather cloudy. Peaks in the 1950s.
Partly cloudy and windy. Peaks in the 1950s.
The unstable air. Highs in the 1930s.


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