A freak hailstorm turns the town of WA North Dandalup into a frozen wonderland


A small town in WA was painted white overnight when hailstorms covered the streets and allowed local children to create snow angels and snowmen.

North Dandalup’s mum, Mel Goodall, has shared photos of her three children, her and Ellie, 15, Kelvin, 11, and Beau, 4, enjoying a blissful winter in the frigid suite.

“(It) started with heavy rain and then the hail came and didn’t stop,” she said.

Camera iconA freak hailstorm turned North Dandalup white on Saturday morning. Credit: Mel Goodal

“I ended up waking the kids up at 6am because I didn’t want them to miss and since then they’ve been playing it making snowball fights, making snowmen and snow angels .

“I heard that a few houses had been flooded inside their homes, but all I’ve heard this morning since the rain has stopped are children laughing and shouting at each other. fun, it’s amazing to see.”

Ms Goodall said the downside was that her plants were “literally torn apart” in the hailstorm.

“Hopefully in a few days they’ll pick up again,” she said optimistically.

The Bureau of Meteorology had issued a severe thunderstorm warning for parts of the Lower West due to active thunderstorms south of Perth earlier on Saturday morning.

It was later canceled as severe thunderstorms subsided in the Pinjarra and Dwellingup area, despite locals taking to social media to say non-severe thunderstorms had persisted in the area.

BOM service forecaster Luke Huntington told The West Australian the storm was isolated and ignored most of the weather service gauges.

“The area registered 40mm in half an hour and that was between 6 and 7am,” he said.

“The cell spilled hail, which was only the size of a pea.

“We can run these systems in the spring, it’s not too usual. It was a very isolated cell (but) it didn’t last long.

Mr Huntington said the system hit as far east as Dwellingup and weakened through Waroona to the south.

North Dandalup recorded a temperature of 11C during the downpour, while Perth was slightly warmer at 14C without morning rain.

Fairbridge-based Jacaranda Hill Farm shared a snowfield-like scene online, saying the hail was the size of “small marbles”.

While Perth has a 60 per cent chance of rain on Saturday, showers are expected to become less likely as the day deepens, marking the end of the rains before a sunnier week reaching a high of 31C on Thursday.

Hail and snow in North Dandalup
Camera iconHail and snow in North Dandalup Credit: Simone Thurkle/Facebook

Perth 7 Day Forecast

  • Saturday — 19C Shower or two, clearance
  • Sunday — 8-18C Partly cloudy
  • Monday — 8-21C Partly cloudy
  • Tuesday — 8-22C Partly cloudy
  • Wednesday — 11-25C Partly cloudy
  • Thursday — 13-31C Fairly sunny
  • Friday — 15-26C Fairly sunny
Hail and snow in North Dandalup
Camera iconHail and snow in North Dandalup Credit: mike cornwall/Facebook

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