A calmer Monday ahead of another storm on Tuesday


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Hey Utah, hope it’s been a good start to the week.

Compared to the weekend, today will be much calmer however, at least initially there will be some lingering snow in the higher elevations. During this time we will see mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies elsewhere with temperatures well below average.

Daytime highs along the Wasatch front will only manage the mid 30s while St. George will be closer to where Salt Lake City would normally fall, in the lower 50s. Overnight we will start to see a little more cloud cover in northern Utah, but overnight we are staying dry. Overnight lows will rival what they were this morning meaning it will be another COLD night.

By tomorrow morning, we will begin to feel the influence of our next system. We could see snow as early as mid-morning in Cache Valley and in the high elevations of northern Utah. Moisture will continue to move south, and by tomorrow afternoon through tomorrow evening it will likely snow over the rest of northern Utah, including the Wasatch Front. This could cause problems for the Tuesday evening ride.

Meanwhile, by Wednesday morning, humidity will then begin to move into central and southern Utah, but the chance of wet weather will not be as high as in northern Utah, as risks remain through Wednesday. By Thursday morning, the chance of snow will start to disappear, except for a potential lake effect. For most, Thursday will be a freezing day with a blast of cold air bolstered by this system before returning to dry skies and a gradual warming from Friday through the weekend.

Right now, snow totals from this storm could be promising in northern Utah, especially in the mountains where our northern mountains could pick up 8-16″ with even more possibilities in the cottonwoods. The northern valleys can receive anywhere between 4 and 7″ with Cache Valley being able to reach over 8″. As you move south, the totals probably won’t be as impressive, with the central mountains probably reaching 6-10″, the southern mountains 2-6″, and the southern and southern valleys. center move away from a 4″ trace. In localized areas, snow totals may exceed or fall below these numbers, but as we get closer to tomorrow, we will continue to better manage snow totals. Stay tuned!


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