7 places you can buy hot cocoa bombs in Northern Illinois


Drinking regular hot chocolate from a mix is ​​so over, it’s time to step up your cocoa experience with hot cocoa bombs!

If you didn’t jump on the hot chocolate bomb craze last winter, you have to do it this year. Not only is this type of cocoa the bomb, (literally), it tastes amazing, and the experience of seeing the ingredients “explode” in your cup is extremely satisfying.

The first hot chocolate bomb my family tried last winter was from my friend Tammy, who owns Baby Angel Cakes in Davis, Illinois, and my kids loved it! Here’s Tammy’s son enjoying his first hot chocolate bomb of the season …

I can tell you firsthand that Angel Baby Cakes offers hot cocoa bombs in a variety of delicious flavors, but I can also tell you that their bombs are also available for purchase at Crimson Ridge in Rockford this holiday season. !

If you’re looking to embark on a hot cocoa bomb tasting mission this winter, here are other local bakeries where you can purchase these delicious treats in the Rockford area:

Sugar Britches in Rockton Not only has ‘regular’ hot chocolate bombs, but this year they’ve got Boozy Bombs too!

Sparklefox confectionery in Oregon, Illinois offers delicious cocoa bomb flavors while supplies last …

Sips and asparagus in Belvidere usually have hot cocoa bombs available, and they also have a Mint Eggnog Latte which you should probably try while you’re there too.

Cocoa Bombs by Becca in Roscoe offers cute designs of cocoa bombs and even smaller bombs for your little tummies.

CheeseKo’s in Belvidere takes orders for hot chocolate bombs, and they can even personalize each one with your initials!

Candy in wonderland in Rockford not only has hot chocolate bombs, but they also have other beautifully decorated treats that you should indulge in this holiday season. (Pre-order now on Wonderlandsweetsbakery.com.

Candy in Wonderland via Facebook

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