5 must-see places near Srinagar


The stunning landscapes, peaceful lakes, beautiful Mughal gardens and historical religious monuments of Srinagar are world famous. You should see the natural wonders and architectural marvels of this picturesque city to make your trip memorable. For outdoor enthusiasts, thrill seekers and history buffs, Srinagar is a wonderland. However, if you are looking for the best attractions in Srinagar, we have provided a list of top picks that will help you avoid problems.

Betab Valley – Amid Surreal Beauty

The Sea of ​​Tranquility may very well be this valley. It is located on the Pahalgam-Amarnath highway. The crystal clear waters of the Lidder River and its beautiful green meadows have a poetic quality. You can see why poets and authors keep evoking Kashmir in their works. The location was used to film the movie Sunny Deol, which is unfortunate as the valley far surpasses what the movie delivered to its audience. It really deserves to be at the top of the list of attractions near Srinagar.

Yousmarg – Far from the hustle and bustle

The relatively unknown hill station of Yousmarg is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The lush fields are beautiful to see. A frozen lake even in summer can be found in the Sang-e-Safed valley if you drive another 14 km. Some of Yusmarg’s JKTDC huts offer overnight accommodation. Yousmarg is among the best places to visit near Srinagar airport due to its position.

Kokernag – local gem

This Kashmir settlement is located in the beautiful Bring Valley. Here, the tranquility of scenic Bring is at its peak, and locals and tourists love to visit the botanical gardens. The small blue streams and green meadows are beautiful against the blue mountains in the distance. Although the gardens have a cinematic appearance, they are also well known for trout farming, which is rare in this area.

Sinthan Top – Surrounded by snow capped mountains

This pass, which is further along the NH 244 from Srinagar to Kokernag, is quickly becoming a draw for visitors to the valley. The pass, which separates the Jammu region from the Kashmir valley, has a “360 degree point” from which you can see Jammu on one side and Kashmir on the other.

Dachigam National Park – Home to ten villages

It has been protected for more than a century and literally means “10 villages” (for the ten communes that were moved to make way for the park). Endangered Himalayan brown and black bears live in grasslands, conifers, waterfalls and alpine pastures. You sincerely hope not to encounter one, but you also want to witness the last stag in Kashmir. Marsar Lake is located at the bottom of the park and Dachigam serves as a stopping point for many hikers en route to this remote lake in the mountains. Tourists looking for nearby tourist attractions also appreciate it.

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