5 Best Places in North America to See the Stars


The night sky has many beautiful stars and constellations. But unfortunately, due to the light pollution of the cities, it is difficult to find a good view of the nighttime celestial light show. Luckily, there are places in North America where you’ll find great seats at the natural planetarium and marvel at the beautiful twinkle in the sky.

1. Glacier National Park, Montana

This national park is home to some of the best scenery in the United States. Here you will find large grassy hills, small lakes and magnificent mountain peaks. There are wide open spaces and high levels in this national park that offer great views of the night sky. Campsites are available if you want to camp overnight and catch a glimpse of the many stars in the sky. For a snowy landscape, you can visit during the winter for a peaceful winter night under the stars.

2. Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania

There are many fields in this state park, making it a perfect place to see the stars in North America. There’s even a telescope in the park with a star map to help observe constellations and celestial bodies. If you find a hill high enough, you might see the setting sun give way to the bright night sky.

3. Acadia National Park, Maine

It’s a beautiful sight to see the stars above the sea, especially on a night when the waters are calm and the twinkling lights reflect subtly in the water. Acadia National Park on the coast of Maine has beautiful areas with trees and pebble beaches. Further on the mainland you will find streams, rivers and ponds where you can catch local wildlife such as moose or seagulls. The highest point on the East Coast, Cadilac Mountain, is a great place to get up close to the sky and feel like you can reach for the stars.

4. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

The Rocky Mountains are the largest in the United States and are full of places to rest and stargaze. Many trails line the range of these mountains, and the Rocky Mountain Trail is one of America’s best overland routes if you want to see the sites. Over the snow-capped mountain ranges, you will have a great view of the forested area during the day and see several constellations at night.

5. Death Valley National Park, California

Despite its name, Death Valley National Park is a place of simplistic beauty. The large expanse of sand and rocks gives way to clear skies and plenty of room to set up camp. This dessert is a great place to see the stars in North America, and given its arid terrain, you won’t have to worry about light pollution spoiling your show.

This continent has many wonderful places to visit. And for those who want to witness the full concept of the night sky, head to one of these nature locations for the best view and an even greater experience.


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