13 of the most epic places to visit in British Columbia, according to a leading adventure photographer


British Columbia is the place to go for adventurers from all over the world. The province has everything from epic hikes to breathtaking lakes, all ready to be explored.

You can’t take a trip out west without at least attempting some of BC’s best hiking and enjoying those legendary views. Narcity turned to one of BC’s top adventure photographers to find out what the most epic places to explore are.

Ben Prescott has traveled the world for years, capturing the natural beauty of every place he stops.

Nothing compares to his home though – which he grew up exploring.

He has over 414,000 followers on his Instagram, @itsbigbenwhere he shows off his amazing photography skills.

His list of the best places in British Columbia ranged from super-known natural wonders to hidden gems.

Fortunately, he was ready to give up his secrets – just in time for the summer trips.

Beautiful Coola

Bella Coola is known for its untouched beauty and is home to a wild amount of grizzly bears. The scenery alone is reason enough to visit this remote community.

Lac Du Bois Grasslands Protected Area

People often head straight for the snow-capped peaks of British Columbia, but Prescott recommended these spectacular meadows.

“I recommend the Lac Du Bois Grasslands protected area outside of Kamloops, BC, and go at sunrise if you can,” he said.

Emerald Lake

This beautiful lake is in Yoho National Park and is as beautiful as its name suggests. The water is a brilliant emerald color and surrounded by mountains.

Golden Ears Park

Besides being a breathtaking location, this park is where Ryan Reynolds filmed his Netflix movie, The Adam Project! You can explore a ton of different hikes here, or just stroll along the many lakes.

Prescott paid homage to the Spirea Nature Trail in the park.

Chilliwack River Valley

Prescott mentioned Lindeman Lake and Mount Cheam hike specifically – so be sure to hit them if you go here. The area is super idyllic and full of classic BC scenery.

Lake O’Hara

According to Prescott, you can book a bus ride to get there, or if you’re up for an activity, you can walk the seven-mile access road.

No matter how you get there, this lake is sure to impress.


Tofino isn’t exactly a hidden gem, but it’s still a must-see destination in BC

The adorable little surf town has sandy beaches, breathtaking rainforests and cool shops to explore.

Skookumchuck Strait

This place is on the Sunshine Coast – which sounds so dreamy.

Prescott said these straits have “some of the strongest tidal rapids in the world” and you should start your Sunshine Coast adventure there.

natural bridge

Obviously, Prescott loves exploring Yoho National Park, because this place is there too. You can walk the roaring Kicking Horse River from this unique natural bridge.

Lake Garibaldi

It’s another popular spot, but it’s well-known for good reason. The hike takes place near Whistler, BC and brings you to this surreal setting – with an alpine lake and mountains all around.

The Squamish Chief’s Hike

This hike in Squamish has three peaks, all with stunning mountain and ocean views. It’s about an hour from Vancouver, making it the ultimate weekend activity.

Mount Robson Provincial Park

This park is in the Canadian Rockies and has plenty of hiking trails.

“If you’re adept at traveling long distances, I highly recommend visiting Berg Lake,” Prescott said.


This small town is home to the iconic Joffre Lakes, known for their bright blue water.

Prescott, of course, recommended doing the hike to one of the three lakes and mentioned that people now have to book ahead to go there because it’s so popular.


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