10 places in the United States that are perfect to visit in August


August is one of the best months for a summer adventure. However, different tourists have their own idea of ​​what makes a great summer vacation. Some prefer to explore the mountains in the shade of tall trees, while others prefer to take refreshing dives on breathtaking beaches. Whatever the preferences, these 10 US destinations are guaranteed to make August a month filled with lingering memories.

ten Acadia National Park, Maine

Tourists looking for stunning views of mountain peaks, lakes, evergreen forests, and trails will love it here. The park has multiple locations, each room with unique charms that leave adventurers wanting more time. Cadillac Mountain is a notable attraction on the east side which rises 466 meters. This is where visitors soak up the reflections of the sun as it rises.

August being the high season, guests wishing to spend a few days should book their accommodation in advance. Also, it’s best to hit the trails early in the morning before other tourists flock to the spots.

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9 Memphis, TN

Whenever someone mentions Memphis, soul, blues, rock ‘n’ roll and other musical genres cross their minds. Although this popular city is known for its lively music, there are other reasons why tourists should explore it in August. There are many barbecues where foodies can enjoy meals covered in seasonings and sauces.

History buffs can visit the museums which provide more information on the cotton economy and the domestic slave trade. It is also worth mentioning how friendly and warm the people of Memphis are.

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8 Glacier National Park, Montana

In 2021, Glacier National Park attracted 3.08 million visitors, a considerable increase over the previous year. So why do outdoor tourists flock to this pristine nature? It encompasses deep glacial valleys, rugged mountains with snow-capped peaks, scenic drives and stunning alpine lakes where adventurers can indulge in thrilling activities to make their August a memorable one.

Thrill seekers can connect with mother nature while biking, camping, kayaking and hiking. The park is also home to stunning wildlife, so discerning visitors can spot Big Horn rams, majestic mountain goats, grizzly bears, and playful characters like hoary marmots.

seven The Berkshires, Massachusetts

Here is one of the regions of the United States that deserves to be visited. It has a lot to offer, but what intrigues many are its distinct mountains. They are home to scenic trails, where thrill seekers can work up a sweat before plunging deep into the surrounding rivers and lakes. There are cultural events during the summer that draw crowds armed with folding chairs and coolers full of picnic gear. Truly, there is no better place for travelers to spend their summer holidays than in the Berkshires.

6 Priest Lake, Idaho

Known as the jewel in the crown of Idaho, Priest Lake has been stealing the hearts of tourists and locals alike for years. It is a heavenly summer destination to visit in the United States. It opens the doors to many activities thanks to its crystal clear waters, breathtaking trails and glacier-carved mountains.

The gentle sounds of nature promote relaxation while reducing stress levels, so tourists can return home feeling refreshed. That’s not all. Visitors who love history and art can visit the Priest Lake Museum to see great exhibits and learn more about Priest Lake and its surroundings.

5 Cape May, New Jersey

Filled with well-booked Victorian homes, historic sites, breathtaking beaches and stunning boardwalks, Cape May makes for a unique getaway destination in August. Most of the beaches are family-friendly, so the adults can relax on umbrella rentals while the kids build sandcastles. Birdwatchers will also enjoy here, as Cape May is one of North America’s top birdwatching spots. From oystercatchers and orioles to orioles, there are hundreds of bird species to admire.

4 Door County, Wisconsin

It is an ideal summer destination where tourists can explore historical sites, beautiful coastal parks and majestic lighthouses. One of its hidden gems is Cave Point County Park, a natural paradise where fun-seekers can kayak around underwater caves and participate in cliff jumping. Hikers can awaken their wonder by taking the trails that cross the deciduous forests.

There are no lifeguards on duty, so water sports enthusiasts should exercise caution while satisfying their thrills.

3 Olympia, Washington

Olympia’s proximity to lush forests, beautiful national parks and coastal views make it a fantastic location for all kinds of summer activities. Travelers with a thirst for history can quench their thirst at historic sites like Monarch Sculpture Park or the Washington State Capitol. The city is also a paradise for artists as it has many concert halls, theaters and art walks.

2 San Diego, California

August is one of the best months to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of San Diego. Meanwhile, the town has a calming vibe, making it comfortable to get lost on idyllic shores like La Jolla Cove Beach and Coronado Beach. The San Diego Zoo is another gem to explore. It is home to thousands of endangered animals including polar bears, giant pandas, koalas, elephants, and more. There are also different trails where tourists come face to face with hippos, monkeys and tigers.

1 Finger Lakes, New York

The Finger Lakes thrive in August. No wonder outdoor enthusiasts, culture vultures, and food and wine lovers flock to this destination during the summer. Due to its geological formation, many waterfalls are accessible by short drives and trails. Tourists can also take farm tours to sample wine, fresh apples, and grapes. One trip is not enough, so travelers may want to return to explore other hidden gems.


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