10 Instagram-worthy places in Wisconsin


The images of Wisconsin that everyone sees are serene. Madison and Milwaukee, with their bright city lights, are home to many stunning lakeside hotels and resorts in Wisconsin, they are not ideal places for stargazing, but the North Woods, with its complete absence of light pollution, is a paradise for amateur astronomers. The state is criss-crossed by countless rivers, both man-made and natural, and is also home to two of the Great Lakes.

Wisconsin has many beautiful state parks, and images depicting the state’s natural landscape often feature rolling hills and sandstone cliffs. Photos taken in spring and summer are enhanced by the blooming flowers, while those taken in winter are made even more beautiful by the abundant snow and ice covering the landscape.

10/10 Glen of Parfrey

Place to visit, the natural area of ​​Parfrey’s Glen State is known for its sandstone cliffs, huge rocks and deep gorges, in addition to its small waterfall. Within the confines of the slender, rocky ravine there are a number of endangered species that can thrive, as well as the faded hues of ancient streams that ran down the walls of the puddingstone. Hikers are invited to discover the history contained within the cliffs by descending the stream and entering the walls of the gorge, which rise to a height of one hundred feet.

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9/10 Apostles Island Sea Caves

Visitors to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore can paddle their kayaks or canoes through the narrow passages and dizzying arches of the sea caves, or they can climb over 4.5 miles along the Bayfield trails. Hundreds of years of freezing and thawing and waves lapping on the beach created the caverns. The beautiful vaulted rooms that showcase Superior’s changing beauty are the product of erosion. Keep an eye out for icicles hanging from tunnel ceilings and ice pillars formed as waterfalls freeze in place as winter approaches; these caves are not only dangerous to walk in summer.

8/10 Beckman Mill

The original Beckman Mill building may be dates back to the 1840s and serves as an important historical site in the southern part of Wisconsin. The property, located just outside Beloit, has been carefully preserved for generations and is currently used as a venue for a large number of wedding ceremonies and family gatherings. Deepen your understanding of Wisconsin’s natural beauty and ingrained history with a tour of this meticulously maintained waterfront home featuring a rustic pier.

7/10 Cascades Falls

The Cascade waterfalls are located right in the middle of Osceola in northwestern Wisconsin. It’s best enjoyed from a suspension bridge crossing the river above the canyon, from where it offers sweeping views of the fall below. The distance that the water the journey from Osceola Creek to the St. Croix River is 108 feet. Look down from the wooden stairs suspended above the river or watch the water flowing from the stream; Either way, the breathtaking natural beauty of Cascade Falls makes it the perfect spot for a photo op!

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6/10 Anderson Wharf

This historic sign, which can be seen in Ephraim, Door County, is known as an “Instagram darling.” In 1858 a pier was built on the high seas, and it is there that the steamboats moored. Inside the structure, goods were kept for storage. Graffiti created by travelers from around the world decorates the exterior of the structure, giving it a colorful look that makes it hard to ignore. And yes, there are selfies everywhere, so it’s definitely worth a visit!

5/10 Devils Lake State Park

Devils Lake State Park, located near Baraboo, Wisconsin, is a favorite spot for photographers and nature lovers. Wisconsin’s breathtaking scenery, exciting rock climbing opportunities, winding hiking trails, and prolific fishing spots are all the result of evolution over generations, and those changes are reflected in this lake. Cliffs and outcrops of quartzite, some over 500 feet high and developed during the last ice age, surround the lake. It would be rude not to take a photo in front of the stunning red cliffs that tower over the entire park.

4/10 Basilica of the Holy Hill

Holy Hill Basilica is a place that has captured the curiosity of thousands of people over several centuries due to its documented history dating back to the 1600s. This spectacular monument, located in the southeastern part of Wisconsin and towering over acres of woodland, attracts visitors from evangelical and non-evangelical backgrounds. Due to the cathedral’s extremely high location, the basilica can be seen from a distance of approximately 50 kilometers.

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3/10 Wisconsin State Capitol

The Wisconsin State Capitol is located in the heart of downtown Madison and is widely considered one of the state’s most important and priceless artifacts. It was not until 1904 that work began on what is now the Wisconsin State Capitol building, which had been destroyed in a fire the previous year. This historic structure houses the Wisconsin Supreme Court, the office of the Governor of Wisconsin, and both houses of the Wisconsin Legislative Assembly. Although the exterior and interior of the building have quite a different aesthetic, both offer great photographic opportunities.

2/10 Stavkirke

Stavkirke Church, which was built in Door County to symbolize the culture, design and impact of Scandinavian immigrants on the island, is located there. The church is named after a Viking god. This false church, which was built in the 1980s and featured an unusually shaped building, attracts over 5,000 tourists every year. Stavkirke is another fantastic incentive to take a trip around the island when tourists have their cameras with them, whether for a wedding, baptism or just an old curiosity!

1/10 Wisconsin River Dells

Because “Dells” is a Native American term meaning “dark flowing water,” the name of the town that was once known as Kilbourne City was changed to Wisconsin Dells in the 1930sand this is one of many cities to visit in wisconsin. Glacially carved sandstone formations can be seen in this area, which has become a major year-round destination for tourists from around the world. In fact, despite the fact that Wisconsin Dells may be best known these days for its water parks, the area’s stunning natural features are actually what put the city on the map in the first place.


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