10 festive places to celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States (that are not in New York)


The holidays are coming, kicked off as they will be by that big annual Thanksgiving dinner family reunion. Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, so much pie your stomach clenches. It’s the season for reconnecting with family, having petty squabbles, and listening to your aunt talk about her medical aches and pains. Most of us have a family tradition for Thanksgiving – too little holiday to fly, so we drive to see local family. Or some of us face long queues at the airport to get home. Thanksgiving is often when we want things to feel familiar. Who wants to be in a food coma and not feel comfortable? Yet, there are so many great places to experience this vacation. Why not consider a new one for this year?

We at The Travel have compiled a list of ten of the most festive places to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. So get ready to get off the beaten track and enjoy the long weekend in style.

10/10 Sun River, Oregon

Come to this lovely resort that invites guests to get out and enjoy biking, hiking and, in the summer months, lots of golf. But we love it for Thanksgiving weekend when there’s almost always snow on the ground here. Rustic setting in Central Oregon make this a cozy and quiet getaway to spend hours preparing the big meal. For a break from all that cooking, head to Sunriver Brewerywhich offers some of the best craft beers in the Pacific Northwest. Sunriver offers many accommodations; Just make sure you have one that has a fireplace to fall asleep nearby when that food coma hits.

9/10 Key West, Florida

Forget the cold and head to Key WestFlorida, for a little sunshine with your turkey and its sauce. With temperatures ranging into the 70s, it’s no wonder so many people winter in Florida. There’s snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, and plenty of amazing bars and restaurants here, especially of the Cuban variety. We may not want to binge too much by putting on a bathing suit and heading to the beach, but there are always mojitos instead.

8/10 Newburyport, MA

Just 45 minutes from Boston and just over an hour from Plymouth Rock, home of the first-ever Thanksgiving, spend time in newburyport it’s like stepping into a postcard. Quaint shops and art galleries, bookstores and pubs, a vibrant arts and culture scene, and all along the scenic Merrimack River which flows into the Atlantic Ocean. This charming New England town is cozy and ideal for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner followed by an all-American apple pie.

7/10 Jackson Hole, Wyoming

A perfect winter getaway where visitors can have fun burning Thanksgiving calories with lots of skiing. The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort opens for skiing the Friday after Thanksgiving, and the Grand Targhee Resort opens the week before the holidays this year. Families can spend their weekend in Turkey hurtling down some of the best slopes in the country, with panoramic views of snow-capped mountains. Visitors can also take advantage of plenty of shopping and dining options, especially if they choose not to cook for themselves, as many here offer Thanksgiving buffets. And be sure to stop for an iconic photo at the Town square wooden archeswhich light up each holiday season with thousands of twinkling lights the Friday after Thanksgiving.

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6/10 Charleston, South Carolina

This popular southern destination is known for its cobbled streets, stunning architecture and vibrant nightlife. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful coastal views and spend time immersing themselves in the city’s history, such as visiting Philadelphia Alley, a quiet and possibly haunted winding alley that was the scene of many duels there. is hundreds of years old. And there are so many hotel and accommodation options for families to spend this delightful weekend together.

5/10 Malibu, California

With temperatures in the low 80s here in late November, why not spend Thanksgiving weekend soaking up the sun under the swaying palms? Romantic and nostalgic, Malibu is the perfect place to don your brightest, cheeriest colors and gather friends and family around the table for a rowdy meal with the drinks flowing. There are plenty of outdoor activities here – from top-notch golf to spectacular hikeand, of course, there is always the beach.

4/10 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

So you’re avoiding New York but still craving a show? Next, head to Philadelphia, home to its famous Thanksgiving Day Parade and the oldest in the United States. Popular with the locals, bring a scarf and enjoy the city of brotherly love and the 6abc Dunkin’ Thanksgiving Parade. Started in 1920, it features balloons, floats, marching bands and a few celebrities. And when the festivities are over, there’s so much to do see and do in Philadelphiasuch as the iconic Independence Hall and the Philadelphia Museum of Artwhich features famous paintings by Degas, Monet, Cézanne and Picasso.

3/10 Scottsdale, AZ

Shake things up a bit and spend Thanksgiving with a cactus or two. Scottsdale is known for its beautiful scenery, scenic hiking trails, and world-class golf. Just a 20 minute drive from the Grand Canyon, this is the perfect place to spend a memorable long weekend vacation with family or friends. Be sure to see the McDowell Sonoran Preserve and 70s highs in November (with generally chilly dessert nights); it’s a fantastic destination to spend the days outdoors and the nights playing a board game or two by a cozy fire.

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2/10 Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Bring your surfboard and hit the waves on this popular beach. Why not have a vacation surrounded by lush greenery and fragrant flowers, the sound of ocean waves crashing against the shore, and a thriving restaurant and bar that offers plenty to taste, drink and have fun with their loved ones? There’s nothing better than the beauty of Waikiki Beach, so grab your board and dive in!

1/10 Chicago, Ill.

And finally… go turkey day in Chicago in honor of the greatest Thanksgiving movie ever made – perhaps the greatest comedy ever made: Planes, trains and automobiles. The story of one man (Steve Martin) desperate to return home to Chicago to spend the holidays with his family, and another man (John Candy) who devotes his time and considerable enthusiasm to bringing his new friend home. home ; these two opposites – one cynical, the other sincere – encounter a plethora of transportation problems. This story of true love, unexpected friendship, and learning to see ourselves for who we really are should be part of your Thanksgiving tradition. And coming home to Chicago in late November is pretty chilly (highs in the 30s), but there are so many museums and restaurants to hang out and enjoy, and the bustling neighborhood Chicago Thanksgiving Parade. And who knows? Maybe you’ll make a new friend along the way.


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