10 Amazing Places to Ski in the Southern Hemisphere


If someone is an avid ski fanatic, they may experience some angst when spring turns to sledding in the Northern Hemisphere. However, it is a sport that celebrities also enjoy all over the world. Many people are aware that they will go to ski resorts below the equator if it is not possible to wait six months for snow to arrive. Whether you’re a solo skier or planning a family vacation, you’ll want to make the perfect decision.

Southern Hemisphere ski resorts have some of the heaviest snow in the world, the highest peaks and the best après-ski accommodations. Those who believed Japan or Europe had it all should reconsider. Several top ski resorts are found in South America, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. On this list are the ten exceptional ski resorts in the southern hemisphere.

10/10 Portillo, Chile

The first ski area in South America is Portillo. Although the weather is generally excellent, the charm of Portillo lies in its people; it’s full of nature-loving, good-natured people who like to relax after a day of skiing and chat. There’s only one hotel available, and while it’s lavish, people can sometimes put their legs up on the couch and make themselves at home. The Portillo ski area has grown in popularity among professional skiers. World Cup teams from the United States, Canada, Norway and Austria have chosen it as their favorite ski lodge. Experts believe it has a mix of steep terrain and fantastic ski settings, making it perfect for planning off-season training for Olympic skiers.

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9/10 The Remarkables, New Zealand

The Remarkables is a large ski lodge with a substantial area for novices, multiple lifts and backcountry trips for experienced skiers. Only 45 minutes from the heart of Quebec City, its sunshine and calm sea will surely delight you. The new zealand ski season takes place from June to October. The Remarkables has seven facilities, including the Southern Hemisphere’s only Stash route, which visitors to New Zealand can experience while winter skiing. A steep course combines the ideal elements of freestyle and freeride and frequently incorporates trees with curves, jumps and turns. Stash Trails are the offspring of the late J. Burton Carpenter, who founded Burton and is known as the pioneer of the snowboard industry.

8/10 Cerro Castor, Argentina

The furthest ski area in the range is Cerro Castor, located in the Tierra del Fuego district. Argentina’s most upscale lodge, Cerro Castor offers a unique ski and après-ski experience. The ski season, one of the longest in the southern hemisphere, lasts from June to October. The best month for fall, averaging 54 inches, is September. The resort offers 33 runs for novice, moderate and expert skiers across 650 acres of skiable terrain.

7/10 Craigieburn Valley, New Zealand

For intermediate and experienced skiers, Craigieburn offers steep, narrow drops, big open snow bowls and open runs in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, 110 kilometers from Christchurch. The course includes two ridge lines with a vertical drop of 503 meters and 600 feet of skiable terrain. If one lives for ski touring, Craigieburn offers the best experience available anywhere in the southern hemisphere. The Big One at Craigieburn will be the ultimate backcountry challenge for expert riders and is definitely one to experience.

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6/10 Perisher, Australia

The largest ski area in the southern hemisphere, Perisher, is nestled in the Snowy Mountains halfway between Melbourne and Sydney. Four areas—Perisher Valley, Blue Cow, Smiggin, and Guthega—con over 3,000 acres of skiable terrain. They are interconnected so that everyone can test them during their ski holidays with family or friends. Perisher has a real seaside resort with restaurants and cafes. The rugged peaks of New Zealand and South America are unaffected by altitude, but Perisher offers the best cross-country skiing in the Southern Hemisphere.

5/10 Las Lenas, Argentina

Las Leas is among The best ski resorts in Argentinalocated in the center of the Andes mountain range. More than 7,500 hectares of domain are skiable. The base of the mountain is 2,240 meters above sea level and rises to 3,430 meters at its summit. The ski period extends from June to September. The whole complex has a fantastic quality of fresh air as it is located above the tree line. Ski enthusiasts are transported virtually to the top of the world by the Marta Lift. They will discover immeasurable amounts of untapped snow, the main reason why Las Leas is renowned as a skier’s paradise.

4/10 Tiffindell, South Africa

The Tiffindell of South Africa is located on the slope of the Ben Mchhui mountain. The highest peak in Cape Province is Ben McDhui, which rises to 3001 meters. The highest ski destination in the country is Cape Province and Tiffindell. Tiffindell was ranked 19th on CNN Travel’s list of the best ski slopes in the world in 2014. The weather for skiing extends from June to August. If mother nature doesn’t provide enough energy, Tiffindel will. The station is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to help cope with the high temperatures and serve as a solid base.

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3/10 Queenstown, New Zealand

The four main ski areas are located around Queenstown: Coronet Peak, The Remarkables, Treble Dome and Cardona Alpine Resort. As Australasia’s premier winter sports and leisure destination, Queenstown isn’t about to start taking it easy. The American Express Winter Festival is a solemn celebration which will take place in June and to which everyone is cordially welcomed. This 10 day event is packed with 60 events, and there is a magnificent fireworks display to begin with. For many people, it will be a wonderful week and a half.

2/10 Cerro Catedral, Argentina

The picturesque Cerro Catedra, also known locally as Bariloche, is well known throughout South America for its extravagant nightlife. There are many pubs and mega clubs like Racket and Pacha. People can head to the neighborhood haunt La Cantina first where the drinks are cheap and the atmosphere is fun. Visit Alberto’s for its kitchen, which has been serving the region’s finest steak for over three decades. The 1200 hectare ski area offers a wide range of varied scenery, from high rock faces to pillow trails through the trees, making skiing and horse riding excellent too.

1/10 Valle Nevado, Chile

About 40 miles from the bustling city of Santiago is Valle Nevada, part of the largest ski area in the Southern Hemisphere and has excellent links to nearby resorts of El Colorado and La Parva. Built specifically for this purpose and developed by the French in the 1980s, the resort has some similarities to Les Arcs. However, it is considerably more attractive, modern and smarter. However, the main appeal of the terrain is that it is made up of steep slopes, vertical walls and a number of wide open bowls. These basins are protected from bad weather by rows of south-facing slopes, creating a microclimate around the resort guaranteeing significant snow cover.


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